*This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a set of general guidelines. Please visit Terms and Conditions for full legal terms. 

You may not use images, artwork, slogans, or words that:

1. Infringe upon the copyright, trademark, or right of publicity of a third party including names, logos, symbols, or pictures of the following without written authorization from the owner (which must be provided to Zippo):

    • Military logos, ships or other insignia of the Armed Forces
    • Musical artists; and authors of copyright protected works;
    • Companies and brands, including food, drink, clothing, and automobile brands
    • Television, movie, cartoon, comic book or video game characters
    • Celebrities
    • Sports teams and athletes
    • Fraternities, sororities or other organizations
    • Colleges and universities
    • Insignia of government agencies, organizations, military branches, the Chinese flag. 

Do not use photos, logos, caricatures, or other artwork depicting any of the above, even if you created the artwork.

Do not use an existing piece of artwork, cartoon, photograph, or screenshot, even if you changed it by rearranging the elements of the artwork.

Do not use images found on the Internet, including from search engines or social media, without written authorization from the owner (which must be provided to Zippo).

2. Images that would appeal to young children including, depending on regional culture:

    • Anime
    • Santa Claus
    • Cartoon-like characters

3. Are inappropriate or offensive, meaning...

    • Nudity.
    • Use of sex toys or subjects portrayed in a sexual act or provocative positions.
    • Obscene or vulgar material, including material with offensive remarks.
    • Material that harasses, threatens, defames, or abuses others
    • Material that is racist, sexist, or a symbol of hate (i.e. Nazi symbol, gang signs).
    • Material that promotes or depicts violence or abuse, including to animals
    • Material that glamorizes illegal drug use


Engrave It!

Visit our How To Instructions for more details!

1. Choose the right message.

Keep in mind there is limited space for each surface of the product. The more letters and words you use, the smaller the font will appear. Make every word count!

2. Use all the engraveable space.

You have up to four areas that can be engraved. You can engrave the lid and case of the front and back of most lighters.  However, some lighters do have special engraving areas. When you use all available surfaces, you have the chance to communicate a truly unique and meaningful message.

3. Use the Zippo Image Library.

Choose from many backgrounds and elements that can be manipulated together to create a special lighter. Use our library images along with your own photos and shapes to add more creativity to your design!

4. Review your finished product.

Be sure to make any design changes before you place your order. We are unable to alter your image in anyway once we receive your order. Once the order is placed, the order cannot be canceled. And customized lighters are not eligible for return or refund.

5. Don't forget the guidelines.

Profanity, offensive remarks, or references to drugs, violence, or anything else in poor taste will not be accepted.