You may not use any words that are inappropriate or offensive in meaning:

  • No profanity
  • no racist or harassing remarks
  • no violence or threats to people or animals
  • no glamorisation of drugs or alcohol abuse
  • no exploiting minors
  • nothing in generally poor taste, as determined by Zippo in its sole discretion


What if I do not follow the guidelines?
Each order is submitted to Zippo and reviewed by a real, live person. That person, along with Zippo management, will determine if your engraving follows the guidelines. If your personalisation does not follow these guidelines it will be rejected. The item in your order will be cancelled. It is Zippo’s sole discretion whether the personalisation meets the guidelines set forth.

Is the design on the personalised lighter guaranteed for a lifetime?
No. We have made every effort to ensure that the engraving on your Zippo lighter meets the high quality standards you have come to expect. The engraving will, however, wear with use and is not covered by our warranty.

When will my product despatched?
Personalised products take a little longer than our regular non-personalised items. If your lighter is personalised, you should expect it to be despatched in 10-15 working days.

If my order contained non-personalised products, will they despatched together or separate?
Your products will be held and despatched on the same day (but may not be with the same delivery service). If you are ordering personalised and non-personalised items at the same time but want the non-personalised products immediately, it would be best to place two separate orders.


Step 1: Choose a Base Model

Click on the lighter you would like to begin with and then click on “Next Step” on the right hand side of your screen.

Step 2: Personalise It! 

You may enter icons and/or text onto four different surfaces of the lighter.  The system automatically defaults to the front side, lower surface of the lighter. To access the back two surface areas, click on the back button located on the top right hand-side of your screen.

Engrave It

You can choose from 43 icons - Click on the icon you wish to use

  • To position – click on the appropriate alignment properties on the base of the screen
  • To resize – click any corner of the icon and drag

Enter the text you wish to use in the text box – You can choose from 6 different fonts using the drop-down box, then click on the Add button.

Navigating between the objects: If you need to reposition an icon or text, simply click on the appropriate object and reposition using the alignment properties. If you wish to remove an icon or delete text simply click on the x on the object line.

Step 3: Preview

Check that your spelling is correct and you’ve added everything you want to your design. You can always go back to the relevant surface and apply changes at this point. Once you submit your order, we cannot change anything about your design. This is the place where you must make sure that the lighter is exactly as you want.

Step 4: Place Order

Add the item to your cart and you may continue shopping. If you’d like to increase the quantity of your personalised lighter, you can do so in the cart by typing in your desired amount in the “quantity” box.