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Zippo celebrates it's signature 'click' as sound trademark is secured

Zippo explores the phenomenon of ASMR with exclusive video unveiling the iconic windproof lighter as the ultimate trigger

LONDON, GREAT BRITAIN, 5. December- Classic American brand Zippo today announces the sound trademark of its iconic windproof lighter.Having infiltrated pop culture for over eight decades, appearing in over 2,000 movies, countless music videos, and held high at festivals and concerts, the Zippo lighter has won the hearts and minds of people the world over.

The Zippo lighter’s ‘click’ is now officially among the most recognizable sounds in the world. Granted first in the United States, with other markets set to follow, the trademark has been awarded in recognition of Zippo’s careful manufacturing process which produces the highly distinctive sound, synonymous with the windproof lighter. It joins an exclusive line-up of other trademarked sounds including The Hunger Games’ Mockingjay Whistle and famed MGM Lion roar, among others.

In 2018, Zippo continues to show up in all aspects of popular culture – most recently infiltrating the global phenomenon of ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). Characterized by soothing sounds and visuals, ASMR content has taken the world by storm, with YouTube inundated by videos of sensory evoking sounds. From recordings of whispering voices and the heightened audio of everyday objects, to spine tingling ice crushing and stroking of fluffy pillows.

Fans and collectors of the Zippo lighter have long realised the irresistible satisfaction of flicking open the lid and firing up the windproof flame, and now the ASMR creators and community are taking this one step further, utilizing Zippo lighters to delight their audiences’ ears. With the Zippo windproof lighter showing up in ASMR content all across the world and to celebrate the trademark news, Zippo and BuzzFeed have partnered to explore the trend further.

Available exclusively on BuzzFeed’s YouTube channel from today the video documents first experiences of people creating their very own ASMR content and the triggers that affect people on a very individual level.

In a survey of 1,000 adults*, nearly two thirds of people said they interact with an object with their hands to relax, as a distraction, or for enjoyment. When asked about the effect of ASMR, nearly half recognized that is relieves anxiety. One in 10 said that it can help them feel more energized, creative, productive, and even better able to problem solve and overcome obstacles like writers block. Additionally, 70% of people stated that familiar sounds, such as the Zippo Click, instigate a positive emotional response.

To further celebrate the sonic signature and diverse sensory experience it offers, the brand has curated an ASMR lighter collection, featuring iconic designs including Zippo Bolt Design, Zippo Red Vintage Wrap und Zippo Fusion Floral.

The complete lighter collection will be available to purchase from Zippo Click Campaign Lightersfrom the beginning of January.

Lucas Johnson, Senior Brand Manager, Global Marketing at Zippo comments: “People have recognised the unmistakable ‘click’ of a Zippo lighter for decades, and now new research has revealed that over three quarters of adults would instantly be able to place the sound. It’s an exciting time for the business to be granted this trademark in acknowledgment of our sonic signature. The growing ASMR community has organically integrated the Zippo lighter into their world and it felt like a natural space for the brand to explore as part of sharing our momentous trademark news with the world. From a talisman to a tool, people continue to surprise and delight us with the many uses of a Zippo lighter.” 

*Survey of 1,045 adults conducted by Toluna QuickSurveys on behalf of Zippo. The sample size included 1,045 adults 18 years and older in the US comprised of 542 females and 503 males. The survey was fielded November 6, 2018.

Buzzfeed video release date: Wednesday 5th December 2018


IMDb explores the Zippo lighter’s silver screen legacy through the lens of industry veteran, Russell Bobbitt and the release of Walk of Flame


June 4, 2018 In a new video released today exclusively with IMDb, esteemed Hollywood Prop Master Russell Bobbitt lifts the curtain on the magic of moviemaking, illuminating the creative process of film production and documenting Zippo’s celluloid legacy. 

For over 30 years, Marvel Entertainment’s Head Prop Master Russell Bobbitt has worked out of the spotlight alongside industry stalwarts. With a portfolio of over 50 films including box office hits such as The Good Shepherd and Planet of the Apes, Russell is responsible for acquiring, designing and manufacturing the objects that end up in the hands of Hollywood’s best-known actors.

In thenew Walk of Flame video, Bobbitt takes film fans behind-the-scenes to a leading LA prop house with over 1,000,000 props in inventory. As he tours the fascinating space, Russell explores the critical storytelling devices that drive plots forward, his most famous creations and reflects on how the humble Zippo lighter became a dependable prop with over 2,000 film appearances to its name.

Discussing his role in films, Bobbitt commented: “A prop is a way to create depth, and flesh out the character. Nothing is accidental – every item placed on set should enhance the audience’s understanding of the story. My role requires a keen eye for detail – everything an actor touches in a film has been scrupulously planned out.

“When characters need a reliable prop, one of my mainstays is the Zippo windproof lighter – despite its size, it can have huge impact and immediately resonates with an audience. I’ve worked with the brand on customised designs to help build out a character’s personality and the wider narrative.”

Bobbitt himself has helped the iconic American brand set the box office alight, featuring the windproof lighter in the likes of Charlie’s Angels (2000)and Hocus Pocus (1993) among other titles. Whether in a suspense-filled plot twist, a spark to trigger an explosion, a light to illuminate a treacherous path, or a means of escape from a sticky situation, you can often hear the unmistakable ‘Zippo click’ in some of Bobbitt’s best-known films.

The new video is part of the wider Walk of Flame campaign that gives the trusty lighter its first chance to bask in the spotlight. To commemorate Zippo’s role in film, the brand has launched a range of movie tribute lighters, inspired by some of the most famous designs that have featured on the silver screen. The six new designs are available to order now.

Lucas Johnson, Senior Brand Manager, Global Marketing at Zippo, said: “From every genre to every budget, the Zippo windproof lighter has proven itself an indispensable silver screen prop. We are proud of our rich cinema back catalogue including the likes of Casablanca, The Godfather and Die Hard. By working with Russell Bobbitt, we are able to explore the brand’s role in some of Hollywood’s biggest movies for the very first time. With an ever-changing catalogue of designs, we’re proud to document the vast array of films and genres that the lighter has been featured in throughout the brand’s 86-year history.”

Zippo will release behind the scenes content and exclusive imagery across their social channels over the coming weeks. Follow the Walk of Flame celebration on Facebook (@Zippo), Instagram (@OriginalZippo) and Twitter (@Zippo).


Meet The Artist Behind Zippo’s Epic Four Acre Art Collaboration: Ben Eine

January 24, 2018, London - London-based Ben Eine is known in the art world simply as ‘Eine.’ A master of messages, Eine is famed for painting large, bright, colourful letters and phrases onto city streets across the globe, from Tokyo to Paris.

Eine has since firmly established his own distinctive typographic style that is globally recognised and celebrated by a diverse fan base. Eine gained widespread recognition in 2010 when David Cameron gifted one of his paintings to Barack Obama.

Today, Eine receives commissions from foreign governments and the likes of the Sheik of Abu Dhabi. His work is showcased in prominent galleries across the world and he is a respected street art commentator recently featured in the documentary “Saving Banksy”.

In recent years, Ben Eine has chosen to collaborate with a small selection of brands including Virgin Airlines, The Body Shop and now Zippo.With over 300,000 designs created since 1932, Zippo lighters have become an unconventional conduit for art. The Zippo X Ben Eine partnership is a celebration of art in all its forms.



  •  In 2010, Eine adorned the shutters of shop fronts on Middlesex Street in London with his signature letters, spending a year gaining planning permission to create the whole alphabet along the street. The street is now often referred to as ‘Alphabet Street’ by locals.
  • Eine’s artwork ‘Twenty First Century City’ was given as an official gift to Barack Obama from David Cameron on his first trip to Washington as prime minister.
  • An artwork titled ‘Vandalism’ which was painted illegally by Ben received such a positive reaction that is has since been made a legal wall which has become a rotating outdoor gallery for artists.
  • His longest standing work, ‘Scary,’ was created over 10 years ago and can still be seen in East London’s Rivington Street today.



(photos provided by Spraying Bricks a Truman Brothers Company)

Q&A with Ben Eine

Q: Where did you get inspiration for the piece you’ve created with Zippo?

A: I was intrigued to find out that Zippo has created over 300,000 designs over the years; I love that a simple lighter has become this unconventional conduit for art. When coming up with the artwork I trawled through the brand’s back catalogue of designs to help zero in on a colour palette and discovered other artists who have used Zippo lighters as their canvas. The designs are so diverse and that’s really appealing to me. It inspired me to focus on the word ‘CREATE,’ a nod to self-expression, whatever that may mean to you.


Q: Why did you choose to work with Zippo?

A: Being a street artist I’ve seen my work come and go over the years with pieces getting painted over and simply eroding. I like the idea of working with a product that has a lifetime guarantee – a Zippo is an unlikely place that art can have permanence.

I’ve owned several Zippo lighters in my lifetime so I was really open to working with the brand. Through this partnership I’ve rediscovered Zippo from an artistic viewpoint. Obviously being given the chance to attempt the biggest piece of street art in the world has been pretty awesome too!


Q: How did you feel before starting the project, and what were the biggest challenges?

A: The size and scale of the art made it a huge challenge, but I felt confident and excited to get started. Finding the right location, securing and clearing it has been quite a feat. Being on the floor, I couldn’t stand back and see how it was developing, which is very different to how I normally work. At the end of each day, we would fly a drone up in the air and capture footage of how the overall piece was looking. If something wasn’t working, we could take a photograph and come back the next morning to paint over it. It’s been full of ups and downs, towards the beginning it was really touch and go.


Q: How did this project differ from your previous work?

A: Everything is in supersize. Each letter was around 20 meters big which should give you an idea of the scale! The floor rollers were 18 inches wide and the paint had to be mixed in bathtubs then delivered in truck loads. Normally when I work, it’s just me turning up to the location in a car with a few cans, but this was a new challenge – we had fifteen 200-liter barrels of paint delivered to the site.


Q: How long did it take to create the piece?

A: We had been planning the project for about three months, taking into consideration sourcing location, clearing the site, finding a team to help paint and then map out the project but it took roughly two weeks in total to paint from start to finish.


Q: What are some of the biggest challenges when making street art?

A: I try to take advantage of the environment as much as possible and choose locations where my art can be fairly under the radar. The legality of street art can be a bit of a grey area, but as an artist I want my work to last as long as possible so it’s important to create something which isn’t obviously graffiti. At the end of the day, I want to create art which makes things look better.


Q: How do you feel about your art being removed or painted over by other artists?

A: My art being painted over or cleaned is all part of the process. I grew up doing graffiti so everything I’ve created over the last 30 years has been cleaned away with the exception of about five pieces. My longest-standing piece is probably ’SCARY’ which is opposite Cargo in Shoreditch, London; it’s been there for around ten years now.


Q: How did you develop your technique?                      

A: My art stems from graffiti in the streets and on trains. I wanted to be different to other artists and paint with a more classic and contemporary style to separate myself from the rest; progressing from unreadable letters that only other graffiti artists would recognise to something more accessible to all walks of life. 


Q: Why did you go for a yellow background on the limited edition windproof lighter?

A: I love the fact that it makes all the other colours pop and, since I had the chance to play around with the art-working of the lighter, I thought, why not? We tried various iterations and this one put a smile on my face.

Zippo Proudly Reveals Limited Edition Lighter Immortalizing Ben Eine Art Collaboration

With its distinctive style and construction, Zippo lighters have served as a canvas for endless artistic creations throughout the brand’s 86-year history. In 2018, the little lighter has attempted something huge: the creation of a huge 17,500 square meter painting in partnership with world-renowned street artist Ben Eine. The mural is the centrepiece of Zippo’s campaign celebrating art in all its forms.

The new artwork came to life on a truly unconventional canvas: a sparse, industrial ground space in East London.  A master of messages, Eine paints large, bright, colourful letters and phrases onto city walls across the globe. For this latest piece, he painted the word ‘CREATE’, a nod to self-expression and the proudly diverse Zippo windproof lighter  range.

“Being a street artist I’ve seen my work come and go over the years with pieces getting painted over and simply eroding,” Eine said. “I like the idea of working with a product that has a lifetime guarantee – a Zippo is an unlikely place that art can have permanence.”

Months in the making, and live for an uncertain amount of time, the artwork serves as a stark reminder of the transient nature of street art. The campaign will culminate in the permanent capture of the momentous work on a limited edition Zippo windproof lighter – a canvas that lasts a lifetime thanks to the brand’s world-famous lifetime guarantee. The lighter will be available for purchase on January 25.


“One of the biggest challenges with street art is not knowing how long your work will last; it could be a few more weeks or even a year. The project with Zippo has allowed me to highlight just how short-lived street art can be,” Eine stated. “Luckily, those who love what we’ve done can buy a limited edition lighter that serves as a permanent tribute to the work.”

Lucas Johnson, Zippo global brand manager said, “Zippo lighters have long served as a canvas for art. By capturing Ben’s most challenging work on an iconic windproof lighter we continue to shine a light on unconventional art and celebrate creativity in all its forms.” 

For 86 years, Zippo has brought unmatched levels of artistic talent to the smallest of canvases – from the early years of etching and hand-painted details to today’s cutting edge 360 MultiCut engraving process. With more than 300,000 designs created since 1932, the Zippo X Ben Eine partnership showcases the diversity of their windproof lighter range.

Street Artist Ben Eine To Reveal 17,500 Square Meter Painting In Partnership with Zippo

Iconic brand celebrates 86 years as an unconventional canvas

This video, “An Unconventional Canvas,” captures Eine taking on his biggest, most unpredictable, project to date and highlights the challenging path to create a large scale painting on the ground. With the epic feat only entirely viewable from great heights, Zippo and Eine secured satellite footage and used the power of drones to capture the creative journey. 

January 18, 2018, London – Zippo and acclaimed street artist Ben Eine unveiled a huge 188,368 square foot mural today. Depicting the word “CREATE,” the artwork came to life on a truly unconventional canvas: a sparse, industrial ground space in East London, UK. 

The huge artwork required 752 gallons of recycled paint, a 52 gallon bathtub for mixing, 18-inch wide rollers and a team of 30 supporting volunteers and six artists. Due to the sheer scale of the piece, Eine could only check the progress of the artwork with the use of drone footage.

A master of messages, Eine is famous for the large, colorful letters and phrases he paints onto city streets across the globe. For this latest piece, he painted the word “CREATE,” a nod to self-expression and the Zippo brand mission to celebrate art in all its forms.

Ben Eine commented: “I love to paint and beautify the most unexpected of places – I’ve painted everything from doorways to trains but have always wanted to do something really huge and different. Painting on the ground was a cool challenge because you can’t just stand back and see what you’re doing. I got to create a unique stamp on my home town – a pretty awesome achievement.”

Co-founder and CEO of Global Street Art, Lee Bofkin, comments: “The last decade has seen an explosion in the number of street art murals around the world. We've helped organize nearly 2,000 murals because we, like so many others, passionately believe in the power of a unique canvas. Painting on the ground at scale is extremely challenging and this mural truly sets a new standard for scale and skill.”

Lucas Johnson, Zippo global brand manager said, “Zippo lighters have long served as a canvas for art. Ben’s work celebrates creativity in all its forms.” 

For 86 years, Zippo has brought unmatched levels of artistic talent to the smallest of canvases, the Zippo windproof lighter.  Through this partnership with Ben Eine, Zippo has been able to help create of the largest pieces of art in the world.



  • The amount of the paint used weighed more than a fully-grown hippo and could fill thee Jacuzzis.
  • 90,909 Zippo windproof lighters would need to be laid down face up to cover the painting.
  • It took a more than 500 hours to complete the painting.
  • Each letter is 164 feet tall or roughly 30 humans laying head to foot!

Street Artist Ben Eine To Reveal 17,500 Square Meter Painting In Partnership with Zippo

World-renowned street artist Ben Eine is set to reveal his most challenging feat to date in partnership with the iconic American brand, Zippo.

Created on a truly unconventional canvas, the new artwork came to life on a sparse, industrial ground space in East London spanning 17,500 square meters. Only viewable from high in the sky, Zippo and Eine secured satellite footage and used the power of drones to capture the process of the incredible achievement.

Ben Eine, known in the art world simply as ‘Eine’, is an English street artist based in London. A master of messages, Eine is famed for creating large, bright and colourful letters which have appeared on city streets across the globe from Tokyo to Paris. One of the most impactful artists of our generation, Ben’s distinctive typographic style is globally recognised.

“I’ve owned several Zippo lighters in my lifetime so I was really open to working with the brand. Through this partnership I’ve rediscovered Zippo from an artistic viewpoint. Obviously being given the chance to attempt the biggest piece of street art in the world has been pretty awesome too!” Eine remarked. 

Watch the videofor a sneak peak of Zippo X Ben Eine’s huge artwork, which will be revealed this Thursday, January 18.

Zippo Presents the Campfire Outdoor Adventure and Music Festival

August 18, 2014 – The inaugural Campfire Outdoor Adventure and Music Festival presented by Zippo, held Labor Day weekend in Lakewood, Pennsylvania, is an event you won't want to pass up.

In addition to a full weekend of music, a range of other activities are also scheduled. These include rock climbing, lake and obstacle courses, team sports, a Golf mixer, late night Silent Disco, and daily VIP Happy Hour pool parties with live DJs.

Luxury transportation is available to and from the weekend event for those traveling from New York City, Philadelphia, and Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. Travel tickets range from $35 to $60 and are available up until August 22nd.

Pennsylvania residents have the exclusive ability to purchase one-day passes for just $55. If you're interested, email Campfire Festival and they will provide you with a super secret link to purchase your pass.

W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company Celebrates 125 Years

“Zippo acquired W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company in 1993 and we are very proud of what we have been able to achieve in the last 20 years by bringing these two iconic brands together,” said Greg Booth, CEO, Zippo/W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company.

To further this commitment, Case Cutlery’s parent company, Zippo Manufacturing Company, is investing nearly $10 million dollars toward renovating their Bradford, Pennsylvania factory. The renovations, which are currently underway and expected to finish by the end of 2015, include a complete remodeling of the Case factory that was originally constructed in 1975, including new equipment and floor configurations that will allow better efficiency, productivity and quality without affecting the hand-craftsmanship that has always gone into every Case knife.

“With Case, our current focus is on improving efficiency, which we hope to achieve with this new investment, and drive future innovation and new product development,” Booth added.

Case’s products range from the classic patterns like the Case Trapper, Stockman, Peanut and Tiny Toothpick that are meant for everyday use to collectibles, mint sets and commemorative items that adorn living room walls and "man caves" all across America.

Zippo Expert to Speak at New Las Vegas Zippo Store

The Luxor will host a “Meet the Zippo Expert” with Zippo Historian and Zippo/Case Museum Curator Linda Meabon Thursday from 1 to 3 p.m. and Friday, from 10 a.m. to 12 pm.

The Zippo store will offer a free gift with purchase, while supplies last, during the “Meet the Zippo Expert” event hours. Attendees can also enter for a chance to win a Zippo lighter.

The Zippo store is located in the Galleria at the Luxor next to the moving walkway that leads to Excalibur Hotel and Casino.

“This event is a great opportunity to share Zippo’s fascinating history with visitors to the exciting new Zippo store,” Meabon said. “I am so pleased to be able to share another Zippo first – the opening of this first official Zippo store – with our fans.”

A second Zippo store will open later this summer at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

Both stores will feature the bulk of Zippo’s expanding product line, including windproof lighters and lighter products, apparel, bags, fragrances, and small leather goods.

2014 Rock Music Festivals Set

CounterPoint Music and Arts Festival near Atlanta, GA; Monster Energy’s Carolina Rebellion near Charlotte, NC; Rock On The Range in Columbus, OH; Rocklahoma in Pryor, OK; and continues its partnership with Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, which visits 24 cities across the U.S. this summer.

Zippo Encore’s retail shop will feature exclusive custom lighters designed by the bands and a limited edition festival lighter at each festival. Visitors to the Zippo Encore shop at each festival can participate in an onsite lighter design contest by creating a hand-drawn design at the booth. The best design--as chosen by festival-goers who visit the booth--will win a Zippo Encore Schecter Guitar. Visitors can also participate in the “Spin It To Win It” game to win prizes.

For details, go to Remember to check the Zippo Encore Facebook page prior to the event for a chance to win a ticket or pass for each festival and other prizes throughout the summer.


April 3, 2014 - Have you ever lost a Zippo lighter? Do you know somebody who has?
Did it hurt? where you can commiserate with our grief-counselor-meets-tough-guy, Jax ‘No Pain’ McFlame. While immune to physical pain, the emotional pain of losing a Zippo lighter can break him. Jax want to hear about the lighters you’ve lost so he can start you through the healing process. Jax may have some strong opinions about what you’ve lost. Head to or to Twitter to #ShareThePain and see what he has to say.

Zippo Extends NASCAR Sponsorship

“From the beginning, our partnership with Watkins Glen International has been a great fit for both of us,” commended Greg Booth, Zippo president and CEO. “Racing fans, especially NASCAR fans, have the same loyalty and passion for their sport as Zippo lighter fans have for our product. Our Zippo Outdoor products make even more sense as we reach out to thousands of avid fans who pack the campgrounds during the race weekend at the Glen.” The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series weekend at The Glen is August 7 – 10.

Zippo Takes over Product Distribution in Europe

July 18, 2013 – Zippo Manufacturing Company will take full control of its product distribution in Europe according to an announcement made by Zippo and Polyconcept. Zippo will take over Polyconcept’s stake in Austria, Benelux, France, and Germany. As part of the agreement, Zippo GMBH and Zippo SA, will now be known as Zippo France and Zippo Germany.

“Many important changes have taken place over the past few years; all of which have demonstrated Zippo’s commitment to growth, market leadership, and our vision of the future,” said Booth.

Zippo Makes Top Ten List of Most 'Patriotic' Brands

Zippo has been an American icon since WWII when the company ceased production of lighters for consumer markets and dedicated all manufacturing to the U.S. military. The company has produced countless American themed lighters, the single most popular image reproduced on the windproof lighter being the Statue of Liberty. Additionally, the people of Zippo contribute to its patriotic history – including its founder, George G. Blaisdell, the many employees, as well as the customers and collectors who have played a part in the company’s 80-year history.

“Everyone has a Zippo story. It's an attitude, a lifestyle -- it's an American icon, like a July 4th backyard barbeque,” said Greg Booth, Zippo President and Chief Executive Officer. “We’re honored to be on this list and I know Zippo founder George G. Blaisdell would say the same. Mr. Blaisdell was a very proud American and many times he said that he was privileged to pay his Federal taxes because he felt that the United States was such a great country.”

Zippo embodies American pride not only in its design and manufacturing, but also through partnerships with companies and brands that share its patriotic values. More than half of the brands on the Brand Keys list have been featured on a Zippo lighter, including Jeep which came in at number one. In fact, in 2011, West Coast Customs produced a custom Zippo Jeep. In addition, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, ranked 13 on the list, is currently Zippo’s number one licensed brand.